Homework Policy

Homework is important to student learning at DPS Tirupathi. The purpose of this homework is to guide teachers, parents and students in ensuring that homework is meaningful and supports the learning experience for all students..

DPS Tirupathi follows no homework policy for Nursery to Grade 2 as per CBSE guidelines.


Homework is any activity or assignment directed by the teacher to be performed outside the classroom that may include practising skills learned in class, reading, studying, projects, or completion of assignments.

Rules for Homework

  1.  Activities or assignments that students can complete independently.
  2.  Carefully constructed as to be completed within a reasonable time allotment, with minimal adult help.
  3.  Connected to grade level or subject matter curriculum.
  4.  Connected to class instruction.
  5.  Engaging, purposeful and relevant.
  6.  Engaging, purposeful and relevant.