Documents Requried


Copies of the underwritten Certificates are required for the final admission

1. Birth Certificate – Class Nursery onwards

2. Aadhaar Card – Class Nursery onwards

3. Mark sheet/Record Sheet – Class II onwards

4. Mark sheet/Record Sheet – Class II onwards

5. Leaving Certificate – Class II onwards

Two Recent Attested photographs for all the classes


  1.  Transfer Certificate should be issued after having been duly signed by the regular Principal.
  2.  No admission will be validated until the above-mentioned documents are submitted.
  3.  Even if the admission fee is remitted, the admission will be only provisional till the above-written documents are deposited and found correct by the school authorities.
  4.  Admission in classes Nursery. – I require a Xerox Copy of the original Birth certificate issued by the Registrar of birth of a Municipal Body. It must be attested by a gazette officer

Withdrawal / Issue of TC

  1.  A clear calendar months’ notice in writing or a month’s fee in lieu of notice must be given before the pupil’s withdrawal.
  2.  Those who leave school in May must in all cases pay the fees for the month of June.
  3.  Transfer certificate is issued only when all the dues of the school are settled.

Students can be asked to leave the school on the following grounds

  1.  Non-payment of fees.
  2.  Disciplinary reasons.
  3.  Repeated detention in the class.
  4.  Delay/Repetitive failure in payment of fee.
  5.  Absence without fee.
  6.  Non-adherence to school rules and regulations.
  7.  If the application of withdrawal is given after 15th June then pro-rata fee will be charged.
  8.  Transfer certificate will be issued after all the dues are cleared and clearance form is completed.


  1.  Fees can be paid online through our website either by net banking or Debit/Credit card. (For login ID and password, parents may contact to school office).
  2.  All fee are payable in advance either by cash or Cheque (Favouring Delhi Public School Tirupathi)
  3.  Student’s name will be struck off if the fees are not paid on respective due dates.
  4.  The student may be re-admitted only at the discretion of the principal on payment of all arrears.
  5.  Fees can be deposited in advance for any number of terms or for the full session if it is desired.
  6.  The date of presentation of the Cheque will be treated as date of payment provided the Cheque is not dishonoured.
  7.  Any Cheque returned by the bank will be treated under the category of non-payment of fees and legal action will be taken against the person, and the fee will be recovered with the amount of fine.
  8.  In case of doubt regarding the payment of any dues, parents/guardians are advised to make the payment first and seek refund later.
  9.  Parents may kindly keep the payment receipts in safe custody and produce the same to school in proof of their payment or else they may quote the receipt number.
  10.  Parents are requested to give correct particulars such as Admin. No., Name, Class & Section of the student while depositing the fee.
  11.  If the students are admitted late during the post-session, fees will be realized on the pro-data basis.
  12.  Parents must ensure the payment of all the dues of a term before the term exam commences. The admit card for the exam will be issued only if there are no dues against the students.